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Can a crash course for IELTS help improve my overall English language skills?

by Harley

The international English Language Testing System [IELTS] assesses you on the basis of four core pillars of English; Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Numerous students are already equipped with good language skills, but experience a lack of understanding of the IELTS examination. In such scenarios, taking a crash course for IELTS is the best option  in order to gain knowledge about the pattern and the type of questions a student will face in each module.

A 15-day IELTS crash course equips a student with a deep understanding on how to answer some particular questions present in the IELTS examination. For instance, a student gains insights on how to write an essay, how to write a report, or a letter, how to introduce oneself in the speaking section and other things specific to various IELTS modules.

Through technique heavy classes, students understand the prerequisite skills and learn different strategies such as skimming, scanning, finding keywords, and paraphrasing to name a few. These skills not only enhance their preparation but also advance the existing language skills. The IELTS crash course also elevates students’ vocabulary.

Quick 15-days IELTS crash course

Let’s understand how a quick 15 days IELTS crash course can leave a huge impact on your language skills:

Improved Grammar:

Numerous students have a good hold on grammar and are equipped with knowledge about parts of speech, subject verb agreement, compound and complex sentence structures. They might have theoretical knowledge but they often end up making mistakes. A short 15-day IELTS crash course allows them to get familiar with the tricky bits of grammar and common mistakes. For instance, a crash course allows you to understand how to paraphrase their questions in the writing module by changing the active-passive voice of the sentences. The skill of paraphrasing also helps a student in the speaking module as you always need to start your answer by rephrasing the question and then provide the examiner with your reasons or details.

Better Vocabulary:

When you take a crash course for IELTS, it immensely affects your lexical resource. It makes a learner understand how to negate common words from their vocabulary and include tons of elements that elevates their speech. Moreover, you get to learn the power of collocations, phrasal verbs, idioms, phrases, and many more. Learning how to include good vocabulary in your speech makes you understand how to effectively use adjectives and adverbs in your speech, which in turn creates a vast difference in your overall band score. As a result, you are able to excel in the test, and elevate your vocabulary at the same time.

Enhanced Fluency:

One of the most common challenges which students face is how to be fluent in their communication or while answering questions. The skill of fluency is a prerequisite in many areas of our life. For instance, when you are giving a language proficiency test, giving an interview, giving a speech or even public speaking, an IELTS crash course allows you to take a deep dive into this subject and master the skills of attaining fluency in the speaking module. You not only build the skill of coherence but also minimise the occurrence of fillers in your speech. Moreover, when you attain the language skill of fluency, it imparts confidence in your speech and advances your existing language skills.

Accurate Pronunciation:

When you participate in an IELTS crash course, you get to attend sessions from subject matter experts. This allows you to gain authentic and profound knowledge related to language skills. With the help of expert guidance, you get to understand the importance of correct pronunciation while speaking. A student learns the role of syllables in creating the right pronunciation of different words. Along with this, you gain knowledge about vowel and consonant sounds [strong and weak].

A learner understands which syllables are to be stressed and which are not for the correct pronunciation of words. Secondly, you get to practise voice modulation which makes your speech much more presentable and powerful. It not only grabs the attention of the listener but also brings much more volume to the spoken words. Lastly, you understand the difference between different accents as you learn from native speakers and you understand the diverse accents present in the English language as you interact with different students in the live sessions. This widens your understanding with respect to accents and pronunciation.

Improved strategies:

Taking a short 15 day IELTS crash course equips you with a plethora of strategies which not only help you while taking the test. Also, these skills can be used in day to day situations which can even be a part of your study or work. A learner understands the skill of managing their time well and working around the clock while completing the questions or given tasks. It enhances the test-taking strategies which help you with language proficiency test [IELTS] or any other grammar test. You get to learn various skills such as speed reading, skimming, scanning, and paraphrasing, which elevates your reading capabilities. Furthermore, your writing skills are built as you learn to write with a timer. Considering the speaking module, you attain perfection with speaking on the spot on a given topic. It prepares you for any challenging task where you have to give your views on a particular subject. Finally, a crash course makes you practise content and idea generation activities on a daily basis, which elevates out thinking and increases learning on different topics.

To encapsulate, when you take a crash course for IELTS, it hones your skills on all levels and makes you achieve proficiency in the English language. A crash course is specifically designed to impart knowledge and skills to the learner in a quick and efficient way so that they can have a deep understanding of the IELTS examination. It’s an organised method which follows a pre-planned approach to make the learner understand everything from A to Z when it comes to acquiring profound language skills.

So, take the first step towards your journey of attaining language skills as an expert. At Yuno Learning, our subject matter experts provide students with expert guidance and make students practise from authentic study material. Kick start your journey by taking an IELTS crash course and elevate your overall language skills.

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