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Experience Culinary Excellence at Home with Gozney Roccbox from BBQs 2u!

by Harley

If you live in the UK, then surely you must have come across the foods served by BBQs 2u at least once. The same BBQs 2u is now in the business of selling world-class ovens so that you can cook those foods in your own kitchen!

One of such oven BBQs 2u is selling now is from Gozney Roccbox, which is the ultimate portable pizza oven you will get in the market.  Gozney Roccbox Grey can help you to make an authentic wood-fired pizza in your own home kitchen or anywhere you desire.

Crafting homemade pizza poses a significant challenge for many home cooks, and understandably so. Without the aid of a magical pizza stone, achieving the ideal pie can be both frustrating and time-intensive.

However, the increasing availability of portable pizza ovens offers a promising solution, making the prospect of homemade pizza less intimidating than ever before.

What is the Gozney Roccbox?

Canadian celebrity chef Matty Matheson has famously dubbed the Gozney Roccbox as “the greatest oven in the world.” This portable pizza oven is engineered to replicate the prowess of professional pizza ovens in your backyard or outdoor setting, boasting an impressive temperature capability of up to 950ºF.

The Roccbox package includes the oven itself, a pizza placement peel, and a gas burner. Additionally, users have the option to purchase a wood burner accessory for an extra $100, enhancing the versatility of this culinary marvel.

Offering a choice between a sleek minimalist grey and a bold, fanciful neon green, the Gozney Roccbox caters to diverse tastes, with the latter colour option being particularly beloved by the majority of enthusiasts.

How does it work?

The setup process for the Gozney Roccbox is refreshingly simple: affix the gas burner to the oven’s base, connect the hose to a propane tank, and ignite the oven effortlessly using the dial.

Following the user manual’s guidance, it is recommended to preheat the Roccbox for 15-20 minutes to ensure optimal heating of its built-in pizza stone floor, thereby facilitating the swift cooking of your crust.

Key features

  • Built-in thermometer
  • Five-year warranty
  • Detachable Burner System to switch between Gas and Wood
  • Retractable legs
  • Ignition and flame regulation dial

It includes the following items:

  • Roccbox Stone Floored Pizza Oven
  • Bottle Opener
  • Professional Grade Pizza Peel
  • Manual

Indulge in the mouthwatering delight of authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked to perfection in just 60 seconds with the Roccbox portable pizza oven.

Engineered to restaurant-grade standards, this innovative appliance ensures a swift setup in minutes and lightning-fast cooking in seconds—simplicity at its finest.

The Roccbox’s gas burner is meticulously crafted to emulate the ambiance of a genuine wood flame, effortlessly reaching staggering temperatures of 500°C with a mere twist of the dial.

For expert chefs seeking the genuine taste and ambiance of wood-fired cooking, the optional wood burner accessory is a must-have.

Whether it is crafting Neapolitan pizza or sizzling wood-roasted steak, Roccbox simplifies the art of wood-fired cooking, delivering unparalleled culinary experiences with ease.

You must have come across Instagram posts of BBQs 2u about this oven. This is the right oven to buy if you are a foodie.

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